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Healthy Body: Tocotrienols


Tocotrienols are a often misunderstood molecule. Tocotrienols are Vitamin E, but Vitamin E might not be exactly what you think it is. Vitamin E actually isn’t just a single molecule, it’s comprised of 8 different molecules, 4 of which are called Tocopherols and 4 of which are called Tocotrienols. Up until recently, a single one of the Tocopherols was known by most people as Vitamin E, that’s because it was the easies to find and use. With GII’s innovation and purification technology, we’re able to safely and effectively get Tocotrienols in large scale for our use.

This is very important because each of the 8 Vitamin E molecules specialize in different ways, Tocotrienols are believed to help more in heart and brain health than tocopherols. By making this more available for the public, we can help increase our overall health, helping people live longer and fuller lives.