Valisure (an independent testing facility) recently tested a large sample of different hand sanitizer out on the market and found that a great number of them had high levels of Benzene (a carcinogen). The FDA had raised the limit on Benzene in hand sanitizer to 2 ppm (parts per million) when the Covid-19 pandemic started due to the shortage of hand sanitizer available. Even with that raised limit, Valisure found many brands that had Benzene amounts greater than that.


Here at GII, we are proud to say that we were not found in that list. We were able to respond to the pandemic by providing high quality hand sanitizer without cutting corners. It was harder and it may have cost us more money, but nothing is more important to us than ensuring that everything we make and ship meets our strict quality standards and our company ethos: are we comfortable with our family using our own products?


Click here to read the report by Valisure.

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