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Bulk Hand Sanitizer

Bulk Hand Sanitizer

We at GII have started large scale FDA registered hand sanitizer production and it is available in the sizes listed below. Please contact us to inquire about placing orders for the sizes listed below or for full tanker capabilities.

We are actively working to make our hand sanitizer available in smaller sizes including 1 gal and smaller.

Federal policies are changing quite rapidly in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We understand that it can be difficult to understand the latest policies and specifications that are allowed by the FDA and WHO. We at GII are committed to ensuring that everything we do follows the standards set by those governing bodies. We are fully compliant and registered with the FDA. Click here for some of the FAQs about hand sanitizer and the use of ethanol in it.


News Stories

Trust Your Hand Sanitizer

The FDA has recently noticed an up tick in hand sanitizers using false claims of “FDA-Approved” and hand sanitizers using Ethyl Alcohol